Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Africa is a beautiful continent and it’s the wish of everyone, to visit one or more African countries in their lifetime.

But then, do you know much about the countries you have in mind? Do you know you might visit the wrong places, if care is not taken?

Make time with me, as I tell you more about African countries you need to visit and reasons why.

Below are the list of 15 African countries worth visiting and reasons why:

1. Morocco:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Morocco is one of the African countries located in the North. It’s a country blessed with a lot of attractive things, beautiful cities, snowy mountains, and a lot.

This country is also good, when it comes to showcasing their culture elements, as they have the European, Arabic and Berber influences in their everyday lives.

The reason why you need to visit Morocco, is to have a feel of their delicious meals, their serene and warm environment, and also their attractive tourist sites which is mind-boggling.

2. South Africa:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Do you love adventure? If yes, then South Africa is the best place to be, because there is so much to do and see here.

There are beautiful people and places here, that will make you feel at home once you visit them.

Places like Durban in South Africa, will help you to enjoy the best India cuisines in Africa. This country has one of the best safaris in Africa, that is the Kruger National Park.

If you love quiet environments, then visit the Vermaaklikheid for relaxation and boathouse retreat, as you can enjoy fishing and boat rides in this place.

3. Madagascar:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

This beautiful African island country, is the fourth largest island in the world. 5% of all plant and animal species can be found in this beautiful island nation called Madagascar.

The country is also blessed with plenty rainforests, deserts and beaches that you will love when you visit.

Avenue of the Baobabs, is one of the places that harbours trees which are over 800 years old.

It’s one of the ways to connect with nature in this beautiful island nation. There is also a fortified Royal settlement, which is called the site of Ambohimanga.

You will learn a lot of history here.

4. Zambia:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Zambia is one of the beautiful countries in Africa, that has the largest waterfall in the whole world, Victoria falls, to be precise.

If you are a fan of God’s creation (nature), then you have to visit Zambia, as you will get thrilled by the amazing hand works of God.

There is also a famous pool known as the Devil’s pool. Take a dip into it and experience some beautiful views.

5. Namibia:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Namibia is also another great country with great people. A visit to Namibia, will change your perception about Africans, as their interaction with you and their crafts, will make you love them.

They have Etosha National park, where wild animals live. A visit to Namibia without visiting the okahanja craft market is incomplete, as there is so much of hand made craft works to see.

You can also visit the Namib Desert sand dunes for hot air, as it is the highest sand dunes in the world.

6. Kenya:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Kenya is regarded as the hotspot for wildlife activities, as over millions of Zebras, wildebeest and gazelle migrate from Maasai Mara to the Serengeti.

This is why it’s also refer to as the site of Great migration. You can also take a trip to Loyangalani, along the shores of the Jade sea whiles you have a nice experience of the weather.

7. Botswana:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Botswana is one of the blessed nations with wildlife and nature reserves. They are also one of the best environmental conservation and wildlife protection country, as they try to protect their natural habitats.

Despite their wildlife reserves, there is low impact of tourists in the country, which assures you a lifetime experience of safari drives.

The Chobe National park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve are worth visiting in your stay in Botswana, as they give you the best experience of nature.

Take your time to visit the Okavango Delta, where natural resources are left untouched, serving as the best beauties in the world.

8. Tanzania:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Tanzania is the home for Serengeti National park and also the famous Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Wild animals such as Buffaloes, Leopards, Lions, Elephants and Rhinos are common in this park. People from Tanzania, are so friendly and helpful towards everyone they meet in their life.

9. Ghana:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Ghana is one of the best of African countries with historic sites and figures. The Kakum National park, Mole National park and Paga crocodile pond will help you to explore Ghana.

Their mouth – watering dishes such as fufu with groundnut soup, Banku and okro soup etc leaves tourists with no option, than to forget their dishes back home. They are also regarded as the most peaceful country in Africa.

10. Egypt:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

This country was once occupied by Kingdoms, that left behind traces of their generation all around us.

A visit to Egypt, will help you to learn more about the Mediterranean and the Middle East as it’s the meeting point of Africa.

The iconic pyramids in Egypt known as the Karnak Temple, in Karnak, will give you a nice experience of your tour in Egypt.

11. Seychelles:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

If you want to go on holiday after working for a long time, I recommend Seychelles for you to go and relax.

This country has Islands, that have been protected as National parks, which displays total beauty of paradise on earth.

12. Rwanda:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

Rwanda is the hotspot of gorillas in Africa. If you enjoy seeing gorillas, then you can visit Rwanda as there are a lot of mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National park.

One interesting fact about this country, is the way they invest the little they get from their tourist sites, into their education, health and environmental needs.

You can make a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, to learn about the unforgettable horrors of their tragic history.

13. Ethiopia:

Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting & Why

This is one of the African countries, with little or no effect of tourists. Ethiopia is blessed with Erta Ale, which is one of the few active volcanoes in the world.

To get the best experience of life, you can visit Erta Ale to witness how lava spurt out of its crater. Aside Erta Ale, you can visit Lake Tana which is the source of the Blue Nile.

14. Senegal:

Senegal is regarded as the home of slave-trade history in Africa. Due to slave-trade, Goree island fort was built which is now a museum, and the home of colonial remains.

Aside history, Senegal is the home for wildlife as most of its parks supports ecotourism. Rare mangroves and baobab trees are found in these parks.

15. Cape Verde:

“Brazil of Africa” as Cape Verde is mostly referred to, has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism.

The country’s volcanic landscapes and ecotourism environments, help tourists in hiking. The capital, Sao Vicente host a festival just like that of Brazil’s Rio festival, in February every year. Cape Verde is located at the Northwest of Africa.

Africa is worth visiting, when you are on holiday and will like to have time off your country. Be informed that, Africa isn’t only 15 countries, but a whole continent on its own.

Above are the Top 15 African Countries Worth Visiting and Why.

The selection we made was based on some important and interesting places you would like to visit.

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