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Has Guinness World Records Set Any World Records?

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Since Nov. 30, 1954, Guinness World Records has been compiling verified examples of the fastest, farthest, oldest, youngest, biggest and smallest of just about anything you can think of.

But you may be wondering: Has Guinness World Records set any records itself? And the answer is a resounding “kind of!” While the company hasn’t set any records — maybe it considers itself ineligible? — plenty of records have been set using Guinness World Records books. (People will do anything to get in that book, right?)

Here are some of our eight of our favorites:

Largest collection of Guinness World Records memorabilia and largest collection of annuals: One dedicated U.K. man, Martyn Tovey, has both the largest collection of records memorabilia (2,164 items in September 2014) and the largest collection of records annuals (353 books).

Most Guinness World Records books stacked on a shelf in one minute: In April 1999, Charles Morris stacked 123 books on a bookshelf at the Book Expo in Los Angeles.

Fastest time to stack 20 Guinness World Records books: In October 2019, Ahmad Durubi set another stacking record in the Netherlands by putting 20 books in a stack in 11.37 seconds.

Tallest stack of Guinness World Records books: People love to stack these books, and in November 2019, the aptly named Russell Books made a tower 19.6 feet (6 meters) tall in Canada.

Most spins of a Guinness World Records book on a finger: You can do more with books than stack them! You can also spin them 315 times in one minute, like Rajan Gaire did in March 2018 in Nepal.

Farthest throw of a Guinness World Records book: If you just can’t with these records anymore, you can try to outdo Christopher Watson’s April 2018 record of throwing a book 71.7 feet (21.8 meters) in Canada.

Fastest gift wrapping of a Guinness World Records book: Up your gift game like Hamda Abid Karim, who in February 2019 gift wrapped a book in 16.62 seconds(!) in Pakistan.

Most Guinness World Records books sold by a retail chain in 24 hours: This is an official record, with 44,647 sold on Nov. 27, 2009. However, it includes all Walmart stores in the United States, and there was a Black Friday promotion, so it’s understandable if you take this record with a large grain of salt.

There is a record still up for grabs: largest collection of Guinness-related memorabilia. If you’re a devoted fan of the dry stout from Dublin and namesake of the book of records, you can apply to hold this record.

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