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Unknown Facts About Bill Gates’ Only Son Rory John

Unknown Facts About Bill Gates' Only Son Rory John
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Here are some deep unknown facts about Bill Gates only son known as Rory John Gates that is worth knowing.

It will be the most enjoyable thing to be the only son of one of the world’s richest man – Bill Gates.

Rory John Gates stepped into the life of Melinda Gates and William Gates on 23rd May 1999 in Seattle, Washington and he was given a worldly welcome into the rich family.

Unknown Facts About Bill Gates' Only Son Rory John

He loves to stay far away from the flashy lifestyle and limelight specifically, he is not the social media type.

Despite the fact that he was born into a rich family, his family ensured that he lived a low-key lifestyle just like every normal kid. That has made him humble and so down to earth.

Read Surprising Facts About Rory John Gates:

Rory John is living a life quite different from the expected lavish lifestyle of a rich man’s son. There are so many facts about his lifestyle that will surely surprise you and below are the most pressing;

1. No, or controlled social media appearance:

Unlike other rich kids who love to flaunt their parents wealth on social media, Rory John is just the opposite who manages to stay off social media for the best of it.

Rory John Gates has no social media appearance. Unlike his sisters, he is a private and a low-key guy. He has not put his life out there on social media until date. That is why there are no details available about his personal life in the public domain until Top Readz made a compilation.

2. He is Very intellectual Mind:

No one will least expect the only son of Bill Gates to be ‘dumb’. Rory John is a good player of words. He is said to have written his first poem about the physics of light and the black hole at the age of 10.

It was -the Diamante poem- (a seven lines poem) in which he beautifully combines the art of poetry and science.

He has scored academically well in most of the schools he has attended.

3. He is a Humanitarian:

Just as his father, Rory John donates one-third of his allowances to special causes. Moreover, rather than wasting his time on social media, this young guy prefers to give his time volunteering for global issues like poverty and diseases.

4. He stays with his parents:

In most American families, kids are allowed to live separately when they are adults. This is not the case of Rory Johns who is 21 years of age. He still bonds with his parents in their family mansion; Xanadu 2.0.

He has very strong ties with his mom and dad.

5. Furthermore, he speaks multiple languages:

Aside English Language, Rory Johns speaks other languages like Irish, Spanish, and German so well.

He is said to have learnt it from school and through private tuition.

6. He is a Single:

Unlike other kids of billionaires who enjoy having fun with ladies at the nightclub and in hotels, Bill Gates son is far different.

Rory John enjoys channelling his energy into profitable works that could yield results.

He is yet to make his girlfriend (only if there is any currently) public.

7. His parents are strict:

Being the son of the richest man in the world should be a privilege in general. Not for the Gates family, and especially not for Rory, their only child. Rory was taught the ethics and morals of life and life. He had to earn a living in the school.

At the age of 13, he got his first Cell Phone. Although still a student, it is speculated that he would be qualified to handle his father’s business.

Unknown Facts About Bill Gates' Only Son Rory John

Although he is still dependent on his father, it is known that Bill Gates (his father) plans to donate his fortune to charity because he believes his children are capable of going their own way and making their own money.

8. Rory John didn’t use a phone until age, 13:

He was prevented from using cell phones even though there was enough cash to have an expensive one for him until he was aged 13.

He wasn’t the only person affected by the standard set by their father, his sisters also suffered a similar fare.

It was not until 2012 that he started using a cell phone freely after it got approved by his parents.

9. Rory John lives private life:

To be able to know more about Rory entails researching into his private life very deep because he is a type that stays off social media and hides his private life.

He shies off from the camera and focuses on his charitable work as against the loudy social media kind of living.

10. He is feminist:

Rory’s mother, Melinda Gates, made a statement about her son. She explained that her son is a feminist: He is committed to women’s equality. According to him, Rory is not ashamed either.

11. He loves cars:

It is believed that Rory John loves expensive cars and frequently rides in town in them. However, it is very difficult to catch a single picture of him.

Just as his father, he owes a fleet of expensive rides.

12. He is a Philanthropist:

The son of the world’s best Philanthropist has been following the footstep of his father. He has impacted many lives by donating to them.

He gives one-third of your endowments as a special purpose donation.

13. Will Rory John be the successor of Microsoft?

Even though he isn’t forced into the technological field, his Degree in Computer Science raises serious concerns that he is being groomed to take charge of his father’s Microsoft work.

He is very dedicated to the technological field. The good news however is that, his parents are ready to support him wheresoever he wants to make ends meet.

He has been asked to pursue a field of his interest.

15. Rory John Gates Net worth:

Being a son of a billionaire means that you are going to be a future billionaire and if we talk about Rory he has a net worth of $20 Million as an heir of his father’s estate and properties.




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