Top 3 Tourist Attraction Centres In Africa That You Must Visit

Africa is a hub for tourists when it comes to touching places to visit. The continent has got a million and one places which attracts tourists across the world.

In fact, the continent is one of the top owners of foreign exchange. Many countries in Africa has been able to make millions of dollars through their amazing tourists attraction centres.

The truth is, if you are looking at best tourists centres that would allow you to have the best of nature, Africa is the hub. Let’s look at some top 5 tourists attraction in the continent below:

1. Ghana

Ghana, a country located with West Africa can boast of a lot of tourist attraction centres. Their recent “Year of Return’ initiative aided them to shoot their name high on the African tourist list. Take a tour at some of their amazing places.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is located within the Cape Coast of Ghana. A visit there can make one feel refreshed and as well believe that nature is just so beautiful.

Within Kakum Nationl Park, authorities can brag of about 40 mammal species, 300 bird species, and over 600 butterfly species among other interesting creatures.

One of the most patronized part of the park is the canopy walk. Each year, thousands of people tries to walk on the canopy to have an experience.

It’s a string of viewing platforms that are linked by safe and bouncy suspension bridges roughly 30 metres above the park floor.

This is definitely a place to be…


Ghana has got a lot of castles. The castles were built by the country’s colonial masters. The property consists of three Castles Cape Coast, St. George’s d’Elmina and Christiansborg at Osu, Accra.

Among the three castles, Cape Coast Castle is the biggest and most patronized by tourists.

The castles and forts were built and occupied at different times by traders from Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany and other countries who contributed immensely to the colonial process of Ghana.

If one is looking forward to knowing the best history of African slavery, then Ghana castles is a must go place.

Mole National Park

The Mole National park is Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge which is located in the Savannah Region. The park is about 4,840 km². This is interesting as it has a lot of species being catered for within.

You’ll find nearly 100 mammal species and at least 300 bird species here.

The park allows walking and driving safaris and you can rent a park vehicle if you don’t have your own.

Between the months of December and April, is the best time for elephant sightings, though you’re guaranteed to see plenty of mammals’ year round.

2. South Africa

South Africa is one of the most intense and enticing countries in the world that receives a lot of tourists every month. Their exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and culture offer the traveller a unique and inspiring experience whenever they go there to have a touring experience.

South Africa can brag of sites like the: The Kruger National Park, Ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exquisite beach-side villas for accommodation in Cape Town, beautiful natural scenery, a great infrastructure and a stable post-apartheid environment which is very welcoming.

Let’s take a tour to some of their most attending sites:

Cape Town:

Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa, after Johannesburg, and also the legislative capital of South Africa which is very neat and enticing.

The city is vibrant and activity-filled with some amazing hotels, restaurants and nightlife. For beachlovers, hotels and venues like the; Camps Bay, Clifton and many others offer the perfect opportunity to have an amazing experience. For surfers, there are ample surfspots, from Long Beach to Kogel Baai, near Gordon’s Bay at the foot of the Helderberg Mountains all situated within Cape Town.

Wine Route 62

South Africa is home to the world’s longest wine route which has attracted a lot of people. Though some people dismiss this, those who’ve travelled its length can testify to its beauty, diversity and stellar selection of wine.

Due to how numerous the wine routes are, it becomes difficult new travellers to choose from the lot. Perhaps the hardest part about picking your way along Route 62 is identifying which wine estates to spend time at. Constantia, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are all worthy of individual day trips. But if you’re picking from the rest along the route, ones to watch out for are the Excelsior Wine Estate, Graham Beck Wines, De Wetshof Estate, Springfield Wine Estate and Diemersfontein.

It is a must visit.

Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces

Kruger National Park is one of the best game reserves in Africa, and one of the oldest in South Africa since time immemorial. This is a perfect place for all wide life lovers across the world.

It will take one between 3.5- to 4.5-hours to drive from Johannesburg to the park. The amazing ground offers visitors the chance to see animals like: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino, among other impressive wildlife. It’s also home to San (bushman) rock paintings and archaeological sites.

There is accommodation offered on paid basis which can help all visitors to stay long and have a feel of the system.

3. Botswana

Botswana can offer tourists with an experience which is stunning beauty, unimaginable vastness, isolation and worldliness by offering an astoundingly prolific wildlife of the best kept African secret places of interest.

This country can brag of a lot of good things in the tourist arena which is super amazing.

Botswana offers the visitor iconic African landscapes with vast stretches of wilderness teeming with wildlife: from the black-maned lions that can be seen in the Kalahari Game Reserve to the zebra migration, blooming desert in spring and the strange, lunar-like landscapes found in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. You will also have the chance of meeting the descendants of the Bushmen who have lived in this desert-like land for centuries.

Let’s take a tour to some of their top places.

Scenic Flights

Tourists who storm Botswana based on their budges d enjoy scenic flights over the Moremi. This is one of the best and amazing experience tourists enjoy in Botswana.

The flight do help them to focus down onto the wildlife and surrounding natures. They have a perfect view of the beauty of elephants in the country.

Most tourists say theyt enjoy this activity the best way when weather conditions are calmer.

Boat Cruise

Some amazing moments that can be spent in Botswana is boat cruise. The country has got some interesting boats

Take a river cruise or a boating safari and experience nature at its best interaction – the river, the animals and the sunset. This activity is available in the Chobe River, Okavango Delta, Pan Handle and other areas in Botswana with a river ecosystem which is well protected.

Matsieng Footprints

Matsieng Footprints is an amazing place. The further north on the main road, just after the village of Rasesa, this National Monument consists of a slab of sandstone pierced by two deep holes, as well as engravings.

Legend says that the first ancestor of the Batswana, Matsieng – a giant, one-legged man, climbed out of one hole, followed by his people, their domestic animals, and wildlife. The engravings – now very faint – were probably made by Khoe herders, and date to the beginning of the second millennium.

You need to have this experience.

Get to visit these amazing tourists site and have fun…

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