Things women look for in a man

Every woman loves to see something unique in their man. Although it varies from one person to the other, there are some which are general.

To be loved by a woman entails that you must possess some things about to be listed. You must put them to use in case you are still searching for your dream lady or already has one.

Take a look at them below:

  1. Financially Stable:

Financially Stable

Every woman loves a financially stable man. In fact, most women would choose a financially stable man over 6 packs.

Women have got needs that ought to be met and they so much would love their men to foot such bills.

2. Friendly and Sociable:

Friendly and Sociable

Ladies would always go in for a guy who knows how to mingle with their friends and also is very friendly.

They prioritize men who are friendly and sociable above any other thing. Imagine a lady introducing you to her friends or families only for you to sound rude or unfriendly to them. Do you think she would be cool with you?

To win the heart of your dream woman, you need to first and foremost be friendly and sociable.

3. High Confidence:

High Confidence

One of the key things women always look out for in men is the confident level that they possess.

Any woman wants a man who is sure of himself, no matter his flaws or shortcomings are. A guy can be handsome, but if he is not confident in himself, women may eventually lose attraction to him.

It is very key men build their confidence before approaching anyone.

4. Health and Hygiene:

Health and Hygiene

Guys who are neat easily win the hearts of women. Get some nice clothes, nice body splashes, body sprays, etc. and notice the atmosphere around any lady.

It’s magical to have a high health and hygiene sense. This is one of the topmost priorities women would always go in for even if the man in question is a rich folk.

5. Loyalty:


Without loyalty, there is no solid foundation for a love connection and that is the main reason why women lay emphasis on loyalty. Women would go the extra mile to find out if a guy who is loyal and faithful or otherwise.

With solid loyalty, you can build a bond of trust and honesty, which is the start to an amazing relationship. It is every lady’s choice that their guy stay loyal.

6. Friendship and Chemistry:

Friendship and Chemistry

Every big relationship seen today dwells on friendship and chemistry between the couple. As a man, you need to be ready to become friends with the woman of your dream.

This will enable you to develop the needed chemistry and vibes that will keep you two moving.

7. Kindness:


The act of being kind moves women a lot. Kindness goes a long way in a relationship. It is more pleasant to be with someone who is kind to you and treats you with respect.

If you have a relationship built on being kind to each other, you will also be able to manage disagreements better when they do arise and make peace when the need arises.




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