Insuring NFTs: Can You Protect Your Non-Fungible Assets?


The cryptocurrency marketplace has turn out to be a famous rising asset magnificence. The promise of brief returns has enticed many, whilst making an investment in a marketplace with promising basics has attracted a devoted funding base. Subsequently, the NFT marketplace has risen as an exceedingly famous, rewarding opportunity to crypto making an investment. However, … Read more

More NFTs Waiting in the Wings Could (Eventually) Mean Less Artist Kept in the Shadows

NFTs insurance

What are NFT’s and Why Should the Art World Care? NFTs are unexpectedly changing the virtual artwork market, in addition to the humanities market at large. NFTs, or “nonfungible tokens,” are bits of code which aren’t interchangeable with every other (in contrast to bitcoin and Ethereum.) There can best be a single, non-divisible NFT in … Read more