Apply For Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship in Canada

Are you planning to relocate to Canada? Securing a job in Canada isn’t a walk in the park, especially when you don’t have a visa sponsorship from an employer.

It’s your qualification(s) that will determine the type of work you’ll get in Canada. The jobs available in Canada are skilled and unskilled Jobs.

How to Work Without a Work Permit In Canada

You can actually work in Canada without a work permit, though, this is when you’re working for an employer that doesn’t require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

There are tons of jobs in the country that you can get without a work permit. Some of these jobs are live-in caregiving and farm jobs. Since you’re a foreign worker, your visa will not be affected if decide to switch employers or even leave Canada at any time you desire.

Who Can Get A Working Visa?

Skilled trades, semi-skilled, and low-skilled workers who have already obtained job offers from Canadian employers can apply for a working visa. The application process isn’t stressful and it’s straightforward. Also, the work permits are quickly awarded.

Applicants must meet certain conditions to be eligible to apply for it. The applicants must have been offered full-time jobs that offer nothing less than C$ 24 per hour or C$ 18 per hour before being eligible to apply.

Sponsorship Opportunities Without A Job Offer

You can get a work visa without being sponsored by an employer. If you can prove that you’re financially buoyant and that you’re not going to depend on any government agency or other institutions, you’re eligible for a self-sponsorship visa.

To be eligible, your net worth should be around $10,000 CAD, and you must have $2,000 CAD in your bank account.

How To Get A Short-term Work (6 Months to 5 Years)

Are you desiring to work in Canada without a skilled job offer? You can secure a short-term work permit that will valid between 6 months and 5 years. For you to qualify, your employer must provide some information about their business and explain why they’re unable to get Canadian workers to man the positions.

You Can Move At Any Time!

The fact that Canadians have access to many types of visas and permits, and they have tons of flexibility when we talk about job searching. Are you currently working as a caregiver, domestic helper, or even chef? You’re eligible to apply for an open work permit.

This will offer you the opportunity to look for another full-time or part-time position at any employer that wishes to offer you one without you having to reapply through an embassy or consulate abroad. While some occupations ask for more specific documentation than others, quotas are not placed on work permits like there are with Visas and Permanent Residency options.


Now you know that you can apply for unskilled jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada. All you’ve to do to get one of the available jobs in Canada is to apply the above tips.

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