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Animals on which zakaah is due

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What are the animals on which zakaah is due?.

Praise be to Allah.

The animals on which zakaah
is due are the an’aam animals, which are: 


2-Cattle, including buffalo

3-Sheep, which includes goats

This applies if their
number reaches the nisaab and they are put out to pasture, i.e. they graze
and feed from plants on the land, and their owner does not purchase feed for
them. See the answer to question no.

Other kinds of animals are
not subject to zakaah unless they are for dealing and trading, in which case
zakaah must be paid as for trade goods, such as a person who deals in
ostriches, ducks, chickens, horses and so on. 

If they are an’aam animals
that are given feed, but their owner trades in them, then he should pay
zakaah as for trade goods, so he should work out their value when one year
has passed and pay one-quarter of one-tenth of their value as zakaah. 

It says in al-Mawsoo’ah
al-Fiqhiyyah (23/250): The fuqaha’ are unanimously agreed that camels,
cattle and sheep are the kinds of animals on which zakaah must be paid, and
they quoted many ahaadeeth as evidence for that. There is a difference of
opinion with regard to horses. As for mules, donkeys and other kinds of
animals, no zakaah is due on them unless they are for trade. End quote. 

And Allaah knows best.

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