19 African Countries Who Have Legalized Homosexuality

Homosexuality is becoming a normal living in the world, as some African countries are also practising this act, which is known to be part of the western world.

The lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Africa, is limited as compared to the European countries, which is known to be the birthplace of homosexuality.

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If I may ask, is love by force? The practice of homosexuality in Africa, is becoming something we have been forced to do, since the developed countries have decided to help Africans only if they practice this. In this section, we have compiled the African countries that have legalized this act as many others rejected it.

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1. South Africa:

South Africa is generally regarded as the country with the most liberal attitude towards homosexuals, since they are the first African country and fifth in the world to enact the same-sex marriage law in 2006.

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The country has accepted lesbians for a long time until 1998, when the country legalized gays to also participate in marriages. Despite this laws protecting them, they are sometimes bullied and threaten by other people, and this mostly happens in the rural areas since there isn’t any good channel of communication there for them to sue those attacking them.

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2. Mozambique:

In this Southern Africa country, homosexuality isn’t a crime since the laws of the land guides and protects it. In 2015, Mozambique legalized and declared LGBT activities legal, backing it with their law.

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3. Sao Tome and Principe:

Homosexuals in this island country are free to practice their activities, since the nation has legalized the LGBT activities in the year 2012. Despite the legalization, protection of homosexuals in this country is limited as given by law.

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4. Cape Verde:

Cape Verde is generally considered as the only country who socially accepts the rights of LGBT in Africa. In 2004, the activities and rights of homosexuals were made legal in this country. It’s the first country in Africa, that has a law protecting homosexuals against discrimination.

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5. Guinea Bissau:

As a country, Guinea-Bissau has also legalized homosexuality. Aside legalization, the country also has constitutional laws and rights bestowed upon the people that practices this acts.

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6. Lesotho:

Lesotho has allowed females (lesbians) to practice and show their love to their partners for a long time but it was only in 2012 when the males (gays) were allowed to participate in this. However, Lesotho stands as one of the countries to legalize homosexuality in Africa.

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7. Rwanda:

Rwanda is also among African countries with homosexuals. Since 1980, the country has backed the activities of LGBT with their laws making it legal in their land.

In addition, the country provides protection to individuals involved in these acts.

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8. Equatorial Guinea:

Since 1968, Equatorial Guinea has made the activities of LGBT legal and has backed it with their law. However, the country is trying to amend their old laws to create better and greater chances for their homosexuals.

9. Seychelles:

In this country, the laws have decriminalized the activities of homosexuals making it free for them to practice.

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Although, religious beliefs are against it in the country, the leaders said their constitution does not follow the beliefs of many catholic churches.

10. Angola:

Although, the activities of homosexuals in most of the African countries have been criminalized, Angola has decriminalized theirs, to allow their citizens to practice without going to prison like other countries.

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11. Djibouti:

Despite LGBT people in this country faces a lot of stigmatization, it is never a crime to practice same-sex relationship in this country since the country has decriminalized it some years ago.

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12. Democratic Republic of Congo:

Homosexuals in the Democratic Republic of Congo are free to practice their love, since it’s legal in the country. In 2010, the U.S. Department of State, has in their Human Rights reports that, homosexuals that displays their activities in public were being prosecuted, but it isn’t any more because the country has decriminalized it.

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13. Mali:

This country doesn’t frown upon the activities of homosexuality, but it however uses article 179 of the penal code, to punish homosexuals that publicly displays or engages in public affections. The country has all private, adult, consensual and non – commercial homosexuality legalized.

14. Burkina Faso:

Same-sex relationship is legal in Burkina Faso for some years now. Despite not being backed by the constitution of the country, homosexuality is practised in Burkina Faso, since it has never been criminalized there.

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15. Madagascar:

Despite they haven’t recognize same-sex marriage or union in their country, they have legalized same-sex relationship between people of the age of 21 and above.

The penal code of this beautiful African country provides a prison sentence of two to five years, and a fine of 2 to 10 million aviary, which is equivalent to US$900 to US$4,500 for acts which is considered to be indecent or against nature, with an individual of the same sex but less than 21 years of age.

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16. Niger:

Homosexuality is legal in Niger, but same-sex marriage isn’t legal in this country.

Homosexuals in this country faces a lot of stigmatization, since the majority of the population isn’t in support of man to man, and woman to woman relationship.

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This country is among the African countries that has never criminalized homosexuality.

17. Ivory Coast:

Ivory Coast has legalized same-sex relationship in their country for a long time.

Like other British colonies, Ivory Coast also inherited sodomy from France, since some parts of the country were former colonies of the French.

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Despite this, there are some laws that applies only to opposite sex marriages and not same-sex marriages.

18. Botswana:

Despite no law guiding and protecting homosexuality in Botswana, it has been decriminalized making it free for citizens to practice.

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19. Benin:

In the Benin, where we believe the “gods” of the land reside, has never criminalized the activities of same-sex relationship, which makes it legally accepted but without any law guiding and protecting individuals involved in this.

There are countries on the Africa continent practising homosexuality, but have laws against the public display of affection by homosexuals. Follow our next article on this particular topic for more.

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