9 Things All Girls Love to See Men Wear

Many women have their tastes and preferences when it comes to what they love in a man.

Although the ultimate thing at the end of the day is the man’s character and behaviour, his physical appearance also matters.

Because the impression a man gives a lady at the first sight says a lot about him.

After intensive and extensive research, we have curated a list of some of the things all girls love to see in men. Check them out below:

1. Great Shoes and Footwear

The shoes don’t have to be expensive or from any expensive brand, but ladies love great shoes and footwear.

men shoes

By this we mean wear a shoe that fits you perfectly and matches with your style. It’ll be a plush if it’s well polished and matches your outfit for the day.

For instance, it’ll be not so cool to wear a black shoes or footwear whiles rocking a black belt.

2. A nice pair of Jeans

A guy’s choice of jeans would be solely based on his preference and style. Some guys like loose-fitting jeans, while other prefer more fitted, slim cut jeans.

But what ladies find attractive is a nice looking pair of jeans. Let it be neat perfect on your body. Better still, wearing them with confidence will set all ladies looking in your direction.

men jeans

More so, it’ll interest you to know that jeans that are too tight are mostly not appealing to women. Some of those jeans will get your ‘vitals’ drawing right in front of them. Hiding some of those details mean a lot to them.

3. Well-fitted Suits

Have you ever asked yourself why most ladies love Korean movies? I tried asking a handful of ladies and they all told me they love how Korean guys dress and that alone is one key reason why they stay glued to their series.

So this is just an eye-opener for you. Wear a well-fitted suit and get the ladies crushing on you.


A suit that is falling down around a guy will not send the best message to a potentially interested girl. A suit that is tailored to fit snug around the shoulders, waits and pants will set a great first impression.

4. V-Neck Sweaters

V-Neck sweaters are cool to wear. They are a head-turner especially when worn nicely with the right color jeans, chinos, or khaki pants.

V-Neck Sweaters

V-necks send a message to women that a guy is easy-going, relaxed but still takes pride in the way he looks and dresses.

5. Plain White Shirts

Ladies love neat guys and it’s assumed that people who use white are neat and tidy. Hence, a guy who rocks white attire mostly gets attention from ladies.

Plain White Shirts

A nice white tee sends the message to the lady that the guy is confident, neat and clear-headed.

They’ll drool over you. Rock your plain white tee with a nice pair of jeans and you’ll get alot of ‘his’ and ‘hellos’ from ladies.

6. Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories are not really a thing for men. But copping a few of a carefully selected pieces of them can really boost your outlook.

One important one is a beautiful and classy statement watch. Wearing these watches gives the idea of seriousness to ladies.

Jewelry and Accessories men

A simple gold chain or bracelet, or a nice pair of cufflinks also boost your outlook as a man.

Wearing these could heighten your chances of getting ladies looking in your direction.

7. Rolled Sleeves

Rolled Sleeves really look good on men with muscles. Having a rolled sleeves with the top button left to reveal one’s chest is a definition of cool.

Rolled Sleeves

The rolled sleeves communicate the idea that you’re easy-going and that you also aren’t afraid to put in some work and get his hands dirty.

Rolled sleeves paired with some beautiful pants and nice shoes is a definition of ‘dapper’.

8. Chinos

Chinos are always cool because of how they can be worn with almost every color of shirt.


They bring home the idea of the man’s simplicity. Just keep it clean with a nice top and shoe. This look is sure to catch the attention of female admirers.

9. Fragrances and Colognes

You can have the best shoes, chinos, pair of jeans, nice and expensive watch, among other things. However, one of the things that matters most to ladies is how you smell.

Ladies love guys who smell good. The fragrance doesn’t need to be highly concentrated, a soft cool is okay to register how you smell in their minds.

Fragrances and Colognes

All women like a guy who smells good, making hugs and close encounters that much more memorable and lovable.

So try as much as you can to always smell good. It is a deciding factor for ladies when it comes to guys they want to spend their time with.

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