17 Sweet Things Every Guy Wants To Hear From The Woman He Loves

Often times, it’s as if it’s only ladies that deserve to hear sweet things.

But the truth of the matter is, guys even though they do not show it also wish to be told sweet things — or better still, pampered with romantic words.

When they hear this, it makes them feel appreciated.

You don’t need to brainstorm to make up some of these sweet words. That’s why in this write-up we’ll guide you to know some simple words that can make your man happy.

Here are 17 sweet things every guy wants to hear from the woman he loves.

1.“I’m so lucky to be with you”

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Telling your man that you’re lucky to be with him would make him feel confident and proud.

Saying this would make them feel valuable. You might never know the trick this word can do especially when you say it out of the blue with seriousness.

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2. “You are so strong”

Guys love it when they’re praised for their strength. Whether he’s just started going to a gym, casually does workout, or is a devout sportsman, it’s good to compliment on his efforts.

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Telling your man he’s strong would make him to also want to protect you from any sort of harm just to prove a point.

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3. “Thank you for all that you’re doing for me”

How do you feel when a friend you’ve helped over the years come to tell you that they thank you for all that you’ve been doing for them?

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You feel appreciated, right? Some kind of proud-ness runs through your head down to your chest.

In this world where there are a lot of ingrates, it’s just beautiful when people express their gratitude for what you’ve done for them.

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So appreciate your boyfriend for the little he has been doing for you. May be he helps in doing your project work, puts money in your wallet when you’re a little bit down financially, among other things.

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Make them feel appreciated by saying ‘Thank you for all that you’re doing for me’. This simple statement would open his heart to go the extra mile in helping you.

4. “I’m really sorry”

A lot of couples do not know this — saying you’re really sorry can quench the heap of fire burning in the heart of your man after an argument or when something regretful happens in his life.

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Apologising doesn’t make you the weaker one. Just drop your ego and say sorry. If you can master the act of saying sorry sincerely and remorsefully, it can be an ingredient for a healthy relationship.

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A lot of beautiful unions have fallen apart just because one party feels too proud to say sorry.

5.“I trust you”

Trust is a very important part of a relationship.

It is really important to let your partner know you trust him and want him to trust you. Revealing your feelings like that will bring your relationship to a whole new level.

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Saying you trust your man would keep him on his toes never to betray the trust you have for him.

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Even when he faces temptation to cheat outside for instance, remembering your words of how you said you trust him can make him do the right thing.

6. “You look hot”

Complimenting on the looks of your man would make him feel more confident and give him an assurance that you still find him attractive.

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In a relationship, men sometimes have thoughts such as ‘does she still find me attractive?” “may be she’s meeting men more handsome than I am?”. You see? So telling him you look hot can rekindle her ego to believe in his position in your life.

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A little bit of ego-stroking, especially made out of the blue when he wasn’t really trying to impress you, can go a long way. It will give your man a boost of confidence we all need so much from time to time.

7. “You always make me smile”

One sign of a happy and healthy relationship is when couples are always filled with joy when they spend time together. If time with your partner always makes you to draw a long face, then know something is wrong somewhere.

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Hence, telling your man that he makes you smile would make him feel the importance of the moments he spends with you.

This would even make him more conscious of finding new avenues of always keeping such a smile on your face.

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8. “I wish you were here right now”

How do you feel when someone sends you a text on iMessage to tell you that they miss you?

You feel so important right? You feel like wow, so they miss my presence.

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Yes, that’s the same way your man would feel if you tell him you wish he was by your side especially when they’re away from you.

It communicates the idea that they hold a very important spot in your life.

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We all want to feel needed and missed, that’s why you should directly tell your man just how much you want to be with him 24/7.

9. “I know you can do it”

Characteristically, men love to be in control of affairs, they love to solve problems. And once they’re solving a problem around you, all they need is a bit of a motivation to push them.

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Hey, he might be even struggling with something you know how to do better, but there are times you should help and times it’s better to step back and let him deal with things.

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This is when you should let your man know you believe in him and that he can do anything.

10. You are a great father

Telling your man he’s a great father is a very good thing that every man loves to hear. If he’s your boyfriend, it gives him hope that he has his future with you.

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If he’s your husband, this compliment reinforces their work and sacrifice for the family, increasing their desire to continue.

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11. Tell you man “YOU LOOK BUFF”

When you man starts hitting the gym and his muscles are showing  up, look him in the eye and tell him how buff he looks.

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This gives him a sense of encouragement to do more. Every man loves to be admired because of their physique.

Praising your man this way is just a way to show him how you care and love him.

Just tell him and you will see the smile on his face.

12. “I’m listening”

Telling your man you are listening is such a good way to make him know how much you enjoy his conversations.

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This sends an adrenaline rush through his body, and it’ll make him want to talk with you more — that should mean he’ll spend more time with you.

13. “Your friends are fun”

Some key components of your relationship are the friends of your man. They’ll come around to either watch football, play games or just have some drinks.

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Make sure you make them happy when they come around. When you make them happy, they’ll always talk good about you to your man, and that will strengthen your relationship more.

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More so, tell him how fun you think his friends are, and it’ll make him feel good.

14. “I’m on your side”

As humans, we all love it when we have someone taking our sides.

“Find a way to let your partner know, on a daily basis, that you’re in his corner,” says Dr. Shannon Kolakowski, psychologist and author of the forthcoming book, When Depression Hurts Your Relationship.

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“You might show your loyalty by standing up for your guy when he feels the world is against him. Let him know you support what he’s passionate about. Show him that you value what he values. This adds a sense of teamwork, security, and intimacy to your relationship.”

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15. I respect you

Men in general value respect and honor. Remind him always how much you respect  him, and he’ll love you more.

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Guys love to hear this so much.


When your man tries to cook a nice meal for you, try some positive reinforcement by telling him how much you enjoyed the meal.

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Tell him the meal was delicious.

This will encourage him to cook more for you. Trying to say the food wasn’t nice would make him feel insecure and inferior. Even if you would say your honest opinion about the meal, do it in a very nice way.


Many a time, guys love to impress you as their girlfriend by trying to sing for you. Anytime they try to do this. Tell them how good they would have been as a rock star. Also tell them in your eyes, he’s a superstar.

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Just observe how good his mood would be when you say this.

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