6 Bits of Advice to Follow for Successful Relationships

For your relationship to be successful, there are some guidelines that needs to be followed.

Many people have taken their shot at relationship, but it keeps failing, and they sometimes wonder why. Mostly, the reason is because they didn’t follow certain rules to make their a success.

Just as we learn every day in life, we must also learn every to suit the changing demands in our relationships.

These simple tips below can help you to realize what a good relationship actually means and how to build one.

1. Communication is a key to having a good relationship.

A lot of relationships have crushed due to miscommunication. You must know that your partner cannot turn into a magician to know your thoughts. Hence, you must explain every single detail for better understanding.

happy couple

Do not assume anything! Talk about your feelings, dreams, fears etc… Talk about it all! When you start dating, it may be about physical attraction, but long-lasting relationships demand communication.

If you realise your partner has mood swings, don’t just start assuming and raising suspicions. It’s better you ask for explanations.

2. Listening to your partner.

Listening to you partner is key in building a successful relationship. Don’t always be the one talking and expect to be listened to. Sometimes, it’s okay if you also keep quite and listen attentively to what your partner is saying.

It’s important not only to listen to what your partner tells you, but also to read his or her body language. Body Language very often can tell you more than spoken words.


It’ll be good to put everything aside and give him or her your full concentration. Drop that phone, drop that game pad, shut that laptop and pay close attention when he or she is talking to you. It tells them how important what you’re saying it.

3. Having shared goals is a key to succeeding in love.

Relationship is made up of two different people with different goals coming together. But to make it successful, it’s key to have shared goals.

In as much as you have your individual goals, don’t be selfish. Consider your partner in pursuant of your goals.

For instance, you want to have kids but your partner doesn’t. Think where do you want to be in several years and how children play into the equation.

4. Get involved in common activities.

Try as much as you can to get involved in common activities. When you do this, it’ll make you both to spend more time together, talk more and this goes a long way to solidify your bond.

Young couple watching TV

Studies shows that people become more attracted to people they spend more time with. For instance, cook together, go shopping together, read together, watch a movie together, go swimming together.

Try this and I bet you, your relationship would be successful.

5. Giving space.

In as much as spending time together is good to make a relationship successful, it’s paramount to also give your partner a little space.

Allow your partner to pursue their independent agendas sometimes too. That way, they wouldn’t have the feeling of being imprisoned.



Everyone loves to enjoy their time all to themselves sometimes so give space for that.

It’s an undeniable fact that couple become tired of each other sometimes. A little space is needed sometimes.

6. Give and take.

To be in true love means to depend on the other person to complete you. No relationship can survive on just giving, or just taking. It takes doing both.

Don’t be selfish. For instance, as a woman, don’t always think it is the duty of the man to buy you gifts or give your money. Surprise him with gifts too, give him money too even if he doesn’t need it.

couple give and take

The give and take principle also goes down to the issues of the bedroom.

Men sometimes reach orgasm faster than women but after receiving your share of pleasure, don’t sleep off. Stay awake and make sure your woman also enjoys her share of orgasm.

Make her okay so that you can all be satisfied at the end.


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