5 Ways To Break Up Painfully With Your Cheating Partner

There are some ways to break up with your cheating partner that can actually be very painful to them, here are some 5 ways to do so.

Love is a beautiful thing. However, it has got its own ups and downs. There are some revenge in break up which may not be bad.

This comes to play when one’s partner is cheating or acting in a very funny way.

Below are some 5 ways to break up painfully with your cheating partner which may cause them heart attacks:

1. Date Their Close Friends Who Are Now Their Enemies:

10 Ways To Break Up Painfully With Your Cheating Partner

Go through his or her friends list and choose one of his former closest friends who may be in need of a partner.

Create the avenue for him or her to shoot his or her shot and date them. You must be very careful not to get played or tricked.

It is very important to note that, your cheating partner may go to war after noticing therefore, it would be very appropriate to be prepared for whatever the case may be.

2. Break Up With Him or Her Unexpectedly:

10 Ways To Break Up Painfully With Your Cheating Partner

One of the best ways to also break up with a cheating partner is to announce your decision to quit with him or her unexpectedly.

Wait until he or she is in a happy mood, then you break up with him or her. This will make them go crazy and spoil their mood for long.

You can make that very much surprising and painful if you are in a public space with them.

3. Break Up With Him Or Her Days To Your Marriage:

10 Ways To Break Up Painfully With Your Cheating Partner

What would be more painful than receiving a break up notice days to your marriage ceremony?

Wait until all is set for your cheating partner to settle down with you, then you tell him or her your intentions to opt out of the relation because of her cheating attitude.

You can co-plan this decision with your family and only undertake it at the right time.

4. Marry A Different Person Shocking While Still Dating Him Or Her:

10 Ways To Break Up Painfully With Your Cheating Partner

When you realize that your partner is secretly cheating on you, make plans to get a different woman or man and date him.

When you are lucky and realize that the new affair or relationship seem very serious, settle down with the newly found partners.

You must be smart enough to make them understand that your current partner is cheating on you, a reason you want to move on.

Spend less or no time with the cheating partner and let others alert him or her after your marriage, that may seem so heartbreaking and painful.

5. Leave Them Hanging In The Affair:

10 Ways To Break Up Painfully With Your Cheating Partner

This is the craziest of all. Leave them hanging and make them wonder whether you are still in a relationship with them or not.

You can cut down the number of times you talk on phone, text, see each other or go on date as lovers.

This will make the cheating partners wonder if you are still in love with them or not.

When this continues for long, the relationship will come to an end automatically.

Prior to applying these tricks, one must consider giving his or her cheating partner another chance to prove themselves worthy of a second trust.

This is so because sometimes, cheating becomes extremely hard to escape.


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