5 Important Things To Note About One-Night Stands

Ever thinking about having a one-night stand? – Look no further as there are some important things to note about it.

What Is A One-Night Stand?

One-night stand is all about meeting a person for the first time and having ‘fun’, I mean sexual intercourse with him or her outright.

Before you ever think about this, you need to consider certain important factors. Top Readz as a brand has taken its time to stress on these factors.

1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Are you ready to carry any sexually transmitted disease in your bid to have a one-night stand?

Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Human papillomavirus (HPV) could be contracted as a result of one-night stands.

One who would love to have a one-night stand needs to be very careful to protect his or herself.

Interestingly, some sexually transmitted diseases could still be contracted even after protecting one’s self.

The best way to be out of this mess, is to be extra careful during the act of sex.

2. Getting Pregnant:

If you are not scared of getting pregnant for a stranger, then one-night stand should be your portion.

Randomly having sex with a stranger may result to getting impregnated as a woman and a man becoming a premature father.

This can mess up one’s life if care isn’t taken. It is very important to note that, one needs to be extra careful when getting involved in the one-night kind of game.

3. Shame, Guilt or Remorse:

After having a one-night stand, one may begin feeling some sense of guilt and regret the act.

This is usually common to people who might have had the one-night stand after getting drunk or intoxicated with drugs which led to slight lose of senses.

After the act, one may spend his entire life leaving on regrets especially after he or she gets infected with an STD.

4. End Up Falling In Love With A Wrong Person:

Ever wondered falling so deep for someone and then all that you get back is rejection?

Many people naturally attach feelings to one-night stands. After they willingly got involved in the act, they now begin getting deeper in love.

One thing about one-night stands however is that, the second person may or may not be in love at that time so, the one attaching feelings to the other may feel kind of rejected.

If you are one who is under this category, then you ought to be careful.

5. Trouble:

Do you know that most married men or women are some of the few who enjoy having one-night stands?

You may be landing yourself in trouble if the man or woman you are having the one-night stand with is married.

Their partners could go a very long way to harm you having known that their partner cheated on them with you.

As a one-night stander, it would be very nice to look out for such things before you jump into bed with the lady or guy.

All these are just factors to be considered and as a matter of fact, could be ignored.


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