23 Things A Man Must Never Do To A Lady

There are some things that a man must never do to a lady, no matter what. Ladies are worth more than anything in the world. For this reason, they must be treated with honor, respect, and dignity.

If you are a man and. you do any of the things listed below to a lady, then, you must repent from doing so.

Now let us look at the 23 things that a man must never do to a lady:

1. Don’t Break Her Heart

Never ever break the heart of your lady intentionally. There are some guys who don’t care to break the heart of ladies. They even find pleasure in it. This is absolutely not fair.

We all know relationships don’t always work out as expected. There could be reasons why we could break-up and look elsewhere.

But if your main aim is to break the heart of your lady, you should rethink that. She’s human and know that she has feelings. Sometimes, the heartbreak lingers on for the rest of her life.

She might never trust another man again just because of you. And trust me, if she curses you in her bitterness, it could have effect on you.

Do you best to love your lady. If things work fine, good enough. If things doesn’t go well, even, the heavens will bear witness that you did your best. But don’t just go out there and take someone’s daughter and intentionally break her heart.

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2. Don’t pretend you love her

If you don’t love your lady, just say it, it’s better she knows than you making it look like she’s safe with you whiles deep down, you do not love her.

Most ladies naturally love the truth. If you tell them you don’t love them, it’ll hurt but at least it’ll give them the chance to know the reality of their situation with you.

But if you keep on showing her fake love, at the end, it will just end in tears for her. Which is not good at all.

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3. Don’t Tell Her She Is Ugly

If she’s ugly, why did you propose to her at the face place? Were you blind when you proposed to her?

Every lady is unique and beautiful in her own way. So don’t belittle any lady by calling them ugly. If she’s not good enough for you, there is someone out there dying to have her. Just don’t tell her that she’s ugly.

4. Don’t Compare Her To Your Ex

What ladies hate is to be compared to other ladies especially the Ex-girlfriend of their boyfriends.

Please, stop comparing her to your Ex(s) at every least given chance. She is another person, and you must understand her differences. If there’s something about her that you want her to change, just tell her and not try to also compare her.

If your Ex(s) were that good, why didn’t you stick to them then? Stop worrying someone’s daughter and comparing her always to feel inferior.

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5. Don’t Take Her Love For Granted:

If you have a woman, hold her tight. Don’t take her love for granted. Don’t think she is a fool for showing love to you.

One thing about ladies is, they love with their whole heart. So when they find out that you don’t value the love they have for you, they might change and that will affect you negatively.

Love a lady as much as she tries to love you. Because if you lose her, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Love is hard to find these days.

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6. Don’t Shout On Her

I understand your lady can be annoying sometimes. But please don’t ever raise your voice at her. This is a disrespect to the highest degree. She’s not your maid— even maids deserve a lot of respect.

Shouting on people is not cool enough not to talk of your girlfriend. When there is an argument, try and resolve it as calm as possible. Don’t be shouting here and there. Shouting doesn’t solve a thing.

Some guys even shout on their ladies in a public space. Do you even think about how embarrassed she will feel? Please stop doing that!

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7. Never EVER Lay your hands on her: EVER

This is a golden rule. Never ever lay your hands on that lady. Some men slap their ladies at any given chance.

They push their ladies away at any given heated moment. Please, this is not good. You need to stop that.

Ladies are like precious pearls and must not be treated badly. I know some ladies can be violent. Be the calm person and walk away. Also note that laying hands on ladies can have a negative effect on you.

You can lose respect when the news gets out. If you are into the media, it is not good for your publicity. So please stop that.

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8. Never Cheat On Her

Some guys are serial cheaters. They have done this so much so that they do not even feel bad about doing this. Do you know how cheating makes your lady feel like? She feels worthless. She asks if she is ever enough for you.

It taunts her! This is the kind of torture she goes through when she finds out that you are out there cheating on her with other ladies.

And do you also think of the possibilities of contracting STDs whiles cheating with other ladies? You can say you use protection but know that STDs are not only contracted through intercourse. Your lady can get infected from your selfishness of finding pleasure elsewhere.

Please never cheat on her!

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9. Don’t Disrespect Her

I know she can be silly sometimes, but show maturity by correcting in love. Disdaining your woman is not a good thing to do. You can correct her but in a matured way. Do not disrespect her.

Every lady deserves some respect!

10. Don’t Waste Her Time If You Will Not Marry Her

There are guys who know deep down in their hearts that they will never marry their girlfriend. Yet, they waste their time with this lady for so many years.

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During these years, a lot of guys approach the lady but she rejects them cos of you. Only for you to one day tell her you cannot marry her.

Please it’s better you say is earlier so that she can find love elsewhere.

I know it’s not all relationships that lead to marriage. But at least, that’s the purpose of dating. We date to study ourselves —to see if we are compactible enough for marriage.

So, if you know deep down in your heart that for this or that reason, you won’t marry your lady, please just walk away and save her the stress of sacrificing so many years only to be dumped.

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11. Don’t Make Her Break Her Decision Of “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”

Instead, help her stand by it. DON’T BE A MAN THAT ASK FOR SEX AS A PROOF FOR LOVE. Its stupidity.

Some ladies have the principle of not having sex till marriage. Kindly obey it, if you can’t walk away.

Don’t emotionally blackmail her into giving you sex as a proof of love. This is lame. Respect her values and principles.

12. Don’t Make Her Feel Unloved:

It’s OK to make her jealous, but don’t take it too far. Everyone, including you as the guy, wants to feel loved.

So don’t make her feel unloved.

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13. Don’t Rape Her

Most guys rape their ladies, but they won’t admit to it. There are times she is not in the mood, and she clearly tells you. But you still force your way down her thighs.

The fact that she moaned during the act doesn’t mean she enjoyed it. Just respect it sometimes if your lady says she is not in the mood.

Don’t force her! That is rape! She might not complain to you because she loves you. But know that the pain she goes through when you do that to her is not cool.

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14. Never Fail To Say She Is Beautiful

Once in a while or even almost every time, tell your woman how beautiful she is. Never fail to do so.

It heightens her ego and confidence. This will make her know how much you value her and how she’s just enough for you. If your girl ever feel she’s not beautiful enough for you, then know you don’t tell her enough that she is beautiful.

15. Don’t Disgrace Her In The Public

Some guys will just scream on their ladies in front of everyone in public. Some will even pick a fight with them right in front of their friends right at an open place.

If you have a problem with her, at least wait until you get home to resolve it. Don’t go and disgrace her in public.

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16. Don’t impregnate Her And Deny it

Some guys will impregnate a lady and feign ignorance. Do you mean to imply that she’s a whore or what?

You are the only one she’s having intercourse with so when she comes and say she’s pregnant, face the reality and stop saying we used protection so that can’t be possible.

Do you hear of stories where condoms broke during intercourse? So please don’t do this.

17. Don’t Expose Her Secrets To Your Friends And Family

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Sometimes, ladies will tell you certain secrets about herself and family. Please don’t go telling your close friends and family.

Secrets are secrets, and they must be kept us such. If she finds out that you are spreading whatever she told you in secret, she will never forgive you.

Some men are also fond of revealing secrets (or threatening to do so) of their girlfriends when there is a little argument. This is childish. Please stop!

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18. Don’t Lie To Her

Lies can’t be kept a secret forever. One day the truth would come out. Even though the truth hurt sometimes, please endeavour to be truthful to your lady.

She deserves it!

19. Don’t Correct Her In The Public

No one is perfect, we all deserve to be rebuked and corrected when we go wrong. But know when and where to do so.

When your girl does something wrong in public, it can be exasperating. Especially if it is something you keep telling her not to do.

Don’t blur at her right there. At least wait until you get to the car or home and do so respectfully. She’ll respect you even more.

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20. Don’t Hate Her Family

For whatever reasons best known to you, do not hate the family of your girlfriend. You’ll make her feel divided between you and her family.

Cos when you hate her family, they will automatically hate you and that can go along way to mess up with your relationship.

You are free to dislikes certain people in her family or dislike certain things about her family but don’t let it develop to hate. It doesn’t make things any better.

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21. Don’t Treat Her Like Your Housemaid

Society has kind of arranged our mentality that a lady’s place is in the kitchen and it’s a must for her to do the house chores.

This is not supposed to be so. We are in the 21st century for Goodness sake. Help her, assist her in doing the chores — that is even so romantic.

Don’t sit behind your PS5 all day playing game while she does all the house chores alone. Don’t sit and watch your football game all day whiles she’s in the kitchen cooking. You can at least help cut the carrots, onions etc.

You can at least  help dry the clothes when she is done washing them.

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22. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Don’t promise what you cannot do. It’s not by force. So don’t ever make promises you cannot keep.

Ladies have a special unlimited memory in their brain where they record every promise you make to them. If you fail them, it hurts. Just promise what you are capable of doing.

23. Never Destroy Her.

After breakup, some guys share the nude photos or intimate photos of their girls as a way of getting back at her.

Please you are destryong her if you do so. That isn’t a good thing to do. Never destroy her to satisfy your vegeance.

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Be a MAN OF Maturity, Strength and Wisdom.
Be a mAn she’ll Thank God she had..
Be a Man of HONOUR and Blessing
Be a Blessed man not a foolish one that doesn’t no any other thing than to have SEX.


All that we just looked at are things a man must never do to a girl. Please what do you think of them? Do you agree? If you have anything to add, comment below so that we all learn.

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